Project Guidelines


        A Piece of advice from the teacher’s desk …….                 

The project work aims at developing the nature and scale of operations that the students would face after completing their course. The totality of knowledge and skills gained by the students in their MBA course is further developed through the project work. The subject based classroom learning can be related to its application at work place.

It helps in grooming and shaping them with effectiveness and efficiency in all the assignments that awaits them in the industrial set-ups. It helps in developing special skills like communication, inter-personal, attitudes and values and overall its boosts their confidence level. The various aptitudes and strengths of the students to handle actual work situations, identify problem-solving techniques are focused upon.

Before choosing an area of study the students should devote time in assessing his/her strengths. Its well said that, a good project work will always add flavor to the resume, but care should be taken to avoid too complex topics, that the students cannot handle. The students should try to explore an area which matches with their interest, area of specialization, recent trends/developments and also which has professional values that would transform the students into best-fit for placements.

The students should visit the organization well in advance and identify the possibilities of undertaking the project work. Define the research problem, fix the objectives of your study and identity the various types and their sources of data collection. The students have to consult with their respective faculty guide/supervisor on regular basis and plan their project work.
                                                                      All the best…….

Dr. G.S. Sandhya Nair


September 2020

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